Deaf Communications


The President's Award

Challenge Partner

A Gaisce Challenge Partner is an organisation that supports and facilitates young people to participate in one or more Gaisce Challenge areas, allowing relevant activities to be counted towards achieving a Gaisce Award.  In recognition of the relationship between Deaf Communications and Gaisce - The President’s Award, Deaf Communications has become an official Gaisce Challenge Partner.

Deaf Communications have created a 13 week Irish Sign Language (ISL) module specifically to meet the Gaisce programme requirements. It introduces young people to ISL and also requires them to engage in an additional 6 hours of self-study. Completing this module allows Gaisce participants to meet the Personal Skill Challenge area at Bronze Award Level.

The course is also mapped in with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR). The framework is recognised throughout Europe and aims at describing what language learners have to learn in order to use the language for communication purposes as well as provides guidelines in respect of knowledge and skills the learner needs to develop so as to be able interact effectively in that language. The framework also encompasses a cultural context in which language is set.

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Course Outcomes

  • Engage in a basic two-way conversation - an exchange of information
  • Be able to comprehend a simple question and answer type conversation
  • To equip learners with the skills to sign basic story passage i.e. Information giving
  • Develop basic receptive/comprehension skills
  • Creating a basic awareness of Deaf Culture and present the positive view of Deaf people as a linguistic minority group